What teachers make

This is a video shown during orientation for becoming a teacher, it has a very powerful message!


Questions about being a teacher…

After reading: Transforming Learning through 21st Century Skills (Taylor & Fratto) Chapter 1

1. Why did I choose teaching as a career?

I want to be a teacher because I’ve been a student. The world needs teachers; students need GOOD teachers. Teachers don’t only provide the education we need to succeed but they also build our self-confidence and give us the outside support and realism we have to have to make our own decisions in the future. School gives students a community which they need at their different age levels and the teachers within the schools give each individual student all the things they need from history, science, math, and English to things students didn’t know they needed. For example I had a teacher who went outside the curriculum and taught the class tolerance, she took the time to address the class and our feelings about current concepts in the world. She showed us that we could disagree with something but still be tolerant and kind, she gave us an important life lesson that day. It was information I never thought of or thought I needed. Teachers build our fundamentals and go beyond that by letting us know that through education anything is possible. They teach hope. I want to be a teacher because I know how much they do, I have had several teachers in my lifetime that have influenced my life and made me who I am today. Without my teachers I would not be on the same path I am today. I want to give back, I want to do what my teachers did for me which was letting me grow and learn not only inside the curriculum but also outside as the creative and happy person I could be and am today. I would like to build students with fundamentals they need not only in school but life. I want to make the world a better place by giving students the same opportunity to learn a love of education as I have had.

4. What passion, expertise, and skills do I have that will create change in my classroom and in my school?

There are many things that make up a good teacher and I hope to learn them as I go through school. Some of the things I which make me feel that I could be an extraordinary teacher is that I am humorous, generous, hard-working, ethical, artistic, adaptable, optimistic, and conscientious. Also I always try to help others and be a reliable person. Once in a classroom these parts of my personality will hopefully make students and coworkers feel like they can count on me to do the best. I am passionate about all things I do and with luck I know I can influence students to give their 100% in everything they do and be proud of their achievements in learning.

A-Z Taxonomy: 26 Letters Getting Ideas Going

Recently in class I was shown the A-Z Taxonomy. This would be very helpful in the classroom setting because students occasionally have to deal with writer’s block. It begins with listing the letters A-Z and choosing a subject. An example of this would be if a student was writing a biography. The person which they are researching is Abraham Lincoln, he has many accomplishments, traits, and skills. In order to narrow down items, expand upon, or summarize Abraham Lincoln an A-Z Taxonomy could be used.

For example:

A- Affluential

B- Brave

C- Charismatic

Another example of using the A-Z Taxonomy is in reading assignments. Students usually must read certain works or novels at different grade levels. The A-Z Taxonomy could be used for quotes or finding relevant words in the writing and used in addition to a report on the book and as a study guide for any tests.