A-Z Taxonomy: 26 Letters Getting Ideas Going

Recently in class I was shown the A-Z Taxonomy. This would be very helpful in the classroom setting because students occasionally have to deal with writer’s block. It begins with listing the letters A-Z and choosing a subject. An example of this would be if a student was writing a biography. The person which they are researching is Abraham Lincoln, he has many accomplishments, traits, and skills. In order to narrow down items, expand upon, or summarize Abraham Lincoln an A-Z Taxonomy could be used.

For example:

A- Affluential

B- Brave

C- Charismatic

Another example of using the A-Z Taxonomy is in reading assignments. Students usually must read certain works or novels at different grade levels. The A-Z Taxonomy could be used for quotes or finding relevant words in the writing and used in addition to a report on the book and as a study guide for any tests.


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