ARCS Model Agreement

Explain which aspects of the the ARCS module you feel most – and least – comfortable with:

The acronym ARCS stands for: Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction

I agree with all aspects of the ARCS Model and I think it’s set up is a great way to motivate anyone from young to old. I see how relevant and helpful it can be in schools. I also believe that outside of gaming it can still be used. I do disagree with gaming more often in classrooms or to use for education. I think depending on fun ways only to learn and do work would be a disadvantage to students. Sometimes classes need to be serious and work has to be done. In the workforce or a student’s future not everything will be game oriented or modeled like ARCS and they will still have to succeed. So yes I agree with everything in the past weeks lesson but only in moderation.

This is one of the three question blog posts


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