Cyber Security: Real World Example

REFLECTION ON EMILY…. What are your reactions to her story? What did you learn from her story? How might you use this story in your teaching career and interactions with your students?

As I watched the video I was shocked. How could someone fake having cancer and steal someone’s identity. I felt sorry for Emily and that this happened to her. I feel it is important that she and other’s whom have suffered identity theft specifically online really need to speak and inform others. I would definitely use this as an example in my own classes when discussing cyber security. I think the best way to avoid having your photos stolen and your identity stolen is by changing your privacy settings on accounts and by thinking before you post. I also believe it is important to keep an eye out for anyone faking someone else’s identity, if you see something suspicious online you should report it to the person you know. When someone is using someone else’s identity they can slander the person’s reputation such as in Emily’s case. She did not have cancer multiple times only once and the thief who took her photos and information lied about the cancer not being in remission. The thief even set up accounts for donations to battle with this supposed cancer. The real Emily had to even get law enforcement involved. It was unbelievable to me that someone could take things that far or even pretend to be a whole different person. I learned for myself that I need to be careful online and keep things private on my personal accounts. As a teacher I think sharing this story with students while discussing cyber security would really cement the fact they need to be careful and keep their settings on private. I’d inform them about laws that protect them and laws that are against identity theft. Education is the best way to prepare them and guide them when it comes to technology. Social media is what teenagers are always connected to and they should look at this real world example and think about what they have done online and how they can take a step back and protect themselves from something similar happening to them. (article relating to Emily’s story)



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